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Antwone Fisher

Antwone Fisher works in the US Navy but has a major attitude problem. He constantly gets mixed up in fights and things get so out of hand that his superiors decide to send him to a psychiater. Antwone will get three sessions after which a recommendation will be made that will decide on his future career in the navy. After some time, Antwone finally starts to talk and it becomes clear that his childhood has a lot to do with his problems at this moment. His father died while his mother was in jail being pregnant of him, he was sent to an orphanage after which he had to go to a family where he was beaten and even sexually abused. His talks with the psychiater will eventually lead to his search to the family he never knew and the rest of his life.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is good with lack of grain and dirt or aliasing but does contain some minor edge enhancement. Overall we didn’t spot anything really disturbing. I didn’t notice a layer change but since we got to check out the rental version (we normally only do retail) there aren’t any extra’s which might explain the abscense of it. Blackness, level of detail and contrast are all very good.

The rear channels are hardly used but that’s not really surprising since it’s mostly about dialogues here. The center speaker is well-used and the dialogues are very clear and understandable. The music score adds a nice extra touch to add a bit to the atmosphere without coming too much to the front and disturbing the rest of the sound

Meeting Antwone Fisher shows an interview with the real Antwone and the makers of the movie who talk all about the making of the movie. The Making of Antwone Fisher also takes care of informing you on all aspects of the production by way of interviews with cast & crew and again Antwone himself. Hollywood and the Navy gives an impression on how the Navy helped create the movie and how 9/11 affected the production. Of course we couldn’t be left without a commentary track so Denzel Washington and producer Todd Black took care of that

Antwone Fisher is an autobiographical movie based on a true story and it shows. It’s very rare that I really start to feel along with this type of films but the story really gets you by the throat and the endscene where Antwone comes back to his family is just breath-taking. Denzel Washington can be proud of his debut as director. The DVD is good but not excellent as there are some minor image failures and the extras aren’t overwhelmingly fantastic.

Our Score:

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