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After World War 3, the last parts of the former world regimes have created a city called “Olympus” where humans live together with Bioroids, a race which is half human and half android. Most of Olympus’ inhabitants are these Bioroids and they’re programmed to serve mankind. However, there are several humans that believe the Bioroids do not serve humans but rule over them like dictators and only give them the feeling of safety. A group of terrorists come together with only one goal: destroy GAIA, the main computer which controls the whole city of Olympus.

Sound and Vision:
Appleseed (aka Appurushido) was released in 1988 and the looks and feel of the film is really eighties. The accompanying music is synthesizer and sounds outdated and to make things worse, the music often just jumps up in volume for no reason what so ever, making it even more annoying than it already was. Same goes for the sound effects which are hollow and don’t add to the experience at all. Although Dolby Digital 5.1, the surround channels are hardly used and when they are used you’ll notice that it’s more to give some extra volume to the sound than to really show off with subtle effects. Don’t expect too much subwoofer-use either. The colors are bright but look a bit outdated aswell and we’ve also seen a couple of errors like shaking image and loss of detail, making the screen look a bit blurry. Still, compared with the soundtrack, the image is still of a pretty good quality.

Trailer, character files and a couple of promotional trailers for other releases from A-Film. Nothing much so to say.

Appleseed has a reasonably decent storyline but can’t compete on any part with Manga titles like Akira, Ghost in the Shell of Vampire Hunter D. The characters – although the director tried – are too flat and look a bit too cudly to be believable. Only for lovers of Manga

Our Score:

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