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Now, mercenaries, adventurers and all the scum of the world are battling their way to make everyone’s life as miserable as possible while you, Emerald “Dead-Eye” Flint, are caught between the frontlines of two power-blocs waging a war.

For those that don’t know it, Aquanox is the sequel to “Archimedean Dynasty”, which is supposed to have won several awards, but to be hones: I hadn’t heard of it either.

The first view and feel of Aquanox you get is that it’s much like Descent in water and with defenitely much better graphics.

There are loads of ships (both yours and enemy ones) and due to the fact that you’re in deep water there are also several deep sea monsters where you have to look out for.

This doesn’t make your job any easier of course, but what would a game be like if it was easy ? Right ! Damn boring, and that’s the least we can say of Aquanox.

The graphics are optimised for GeForce3 and although I myself have only a GeForce DDR I was still stunned by the lighting and overall looks of the game.

There are over 40 single player missions and next to normal campaigns you can also choose to just go in for a quick duel against an opponent or play against fellow Aquanox lovers in several multiplayer modes including CTF and Deathmatch.

To come back to my comparison with Descent, you’ve got full 360° freedom, but instead of being able to just get to a certain speed and remain at the speed you’ll constantly have to keep poking the gas due to the resistence of the water. Remember that standing still is the same as a death sentence since foes will come hunting at you from every direction.

Missions vary from destroying enemies to capturing code for the “Brainfire project” (which will become clear during the campaign) and all the time you and your wingmen – yes, you’re not alone – will have to try and keep the enemies from killing you.

The sound, even in alpha stage, is pretty good with clear voices of your wingmen, dazzling weapon sound effects and a nifty techno soundtrack which gets your adrenaline pumping.

We’ve played the early Alpa1 version sent to us by the people from Fishtank Interactive and we were defenitely pleased with what this game will have to offer.

If Massive Development can keep up the good work they’ve been doing up until now and gets rid of the all-German speech (yep, we got an all-German version ;p) and text, this game will probably get all the lovers of the Descent series go out and buy it along with alot of other people who want to play a game that’s got great graphics and compelling gameplay.

I even wonder wether Aquanox might get bundled with some GeForce3 videocards…

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