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When a man with strange bites all over him arrives in a local hospital, the doctor sets up an expedition to the island where the man’s village is located. After a bumpy ride with the airplane (suddenly all electronic devices went out) they arrive on the island and prepare themselves to enter the brousse. During the hard voyage through the forest, Reyes, one of the expedition members, gets stung by what looks like ticks, but once they arrive at the deserted village Reyes starts to throw up little insects and dies. Things get even worse when the expedition members find out that all town people have been killed by what seems to be loads of different mutated arachnids. Now they’ll have to try to get off the island before they become prey of the arachnids themselves.

Sound and Vision:
The movie starts off with an airplane crashing after an encounter with a UFO. This start looks really promising as there’s loads of sound and visual effects available and your surround channels and subwoofer are really well-used. Unfortunately, it stays with this. The rest of the movie looks like the low-budget horror flick that it is and that gets reflected in the sound and image quality.

Loss of detail and blurry image in certain scenes while the surround speakers don’t really get into action.


It’s too bad that the intro-scene is the best of the movie. It’s like the makers wanted to impress everyone in the first minutes and didn’t have anymore money to finish the film in a decent way. The huge arachnid monster is hilarious in the way that it’s so obviously fake that you would have to be blind to be fooled by it. Also the acting is rather poor and if I didn’t know better, I would think they hired some ex-porn actresses to play the leading parts. Let’s just say that the main highlight of the movie is that the women aren’t your typical screaming girls that get killed after having shown their boobies

Our Score:

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