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Are You Being Served Season 1-5

Are you Being Served puts us in the Grace Brothers warehouse where department head Captain Stephen Peackock is the responsible. After greeting the customers he will – as a true English gentleman – accompany them to either the ladies or gents department where they will be helped by Mrs. Slocombe and Shirley Brahms (ladies department) or Mr. Grainger, Mr. Humphries and Mr. Lucas if they’re interested in men’s wear.

Mrs. Slocombe is the head of the Ladies department where she’s been working for ages already although one wouldn’t always tell from the clothing she wears herself. On the other side of the room, where the gents are, Mr. Grainger is the head of the department and he has to make sure Mr. Lucas doesn’t flap things out of his mouth and Mr. Humphries doesn’t look too much to the male customers.

Head of the entire floor is Mr. Rumbold who isn’t so great with inspiring idea’s so he often gets them from his staff instead. The big chief of Grace Brothers is the Young Mr. Grace who’s in fact 80 years old.

Sound and Vision:
The image is a bit too soft taken over the whole line but we can’t really complain as this series is 30 years old and the technical capabilities of that time weren’t too great. A bit of a downpoint is the fact that edge enhancement has been used to make things look a bit more sharp but we of course don’t like that a lot. Overall, the transfer is done decently without too many compression errors and considering the source material it’s probably about the best they could get from it.

30 years ago, series were recorded on a mono track and that’s what you get with the DVD. The laughing sometimes is too hard compared with the dialogues but for the rest there’s nothing much that can be said about the sound.

Some trivia and biographies of the main characters. A pitty seing that the region 1 release has an additional 7th disc filled with extras.

If you’re looking for typical British humour, Are you Being Served is a perfect thing for you. Although some of the jokes are a bit oldfashioned, plenty of them are timeless, especially since the characters interaction is so funny. Seasons 1 to 5 together with the christmas specials that have been made make up for a great box with oldfashioned but still funny comedy that anyone can appreciate once you get yourself to sit and watch. After a couple of minutes adapting you’ll surely be laughing.

Our Score:

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