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Arlington Road

Jeff Bridges is Michael Faraday, a teacher who is specialised in right-winged extremist organisations. His life is going pretty well although he has a light form of paranoia and when his new neighbours tend to act a bit weird in his opinion, the paranoia becomes worse. He suspects his friendly neighbour Tim Robbins to be a terrorist and while nobody believes him, he starts a thorough investigation which makes the people surrounding him to believe he’s going crazy.

Sound and Vision:
The movie is shown in 16:9 anamorphic format but you can choose to view it in non-anamorph 1.85:1 with a loss of image on the sides. Image quality is not bad but nothing special either. Subtitles are way too high in the picture and could have easily been dropped a couple of lines.

Like the image quality, sound is nothing special. The rear speakers are hardly used and you can’t really say there’s any special effects that will blow you away. Very standard.


Arlington Road is a very nice thriller which will keep you clustered to your chair for 113 minutes but some extras for the DVD would have been nice. If you find it in discount, it’s worth to be added to your collection but don’t pay full price unless you can’t do without Tim Robbins or Jeff Bridgess

Our Score:

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