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Billions of years ago an ancient civilisation spread the seeds of life. They sent out two supercomputers, Delta 8988 and Gamma 6666, which would have to create life in the universe. Delta 8988 went to earth and checked out different possibilities to finally come up with the humanoid form as the best life form to inhabit the planet. Meanwhile, Gamma 6666 decided reptile life was the best to inhabit Eed, a planet with much resemblance to earth.

In 2157, the population of Eed has almost destroyed their planet and have to find a new home. With earth as only option, they start a war which has almost destroyed all life on our planet with only a few cities remaining. Elca, an underwater complex, is one of those communities that still remains and they’ve found a possibility to withstand the crushing power of the Eedians: they have to go back into time to find the “Delta-boy” who has similar powers as the Delta computer and who is the only one who might have a chance to defeat Gamma 6666. Unfortunately, the Eedians are also aware of this and send back a couple of assassins who have to kill the Delta boy before he gets aware of his powers and travels to the future to fight against the Eedians.

Sound and Vision:
It’s clear that the source which was used to make the dvd was all but perfect. Throughout the movie you’ll see dirt on the screen (white dots and worse) and some cleaning up would not have hurt. The colors are a bit pale aswell.

The soundtrack, although 5.1, doesn’t really come to effect and hardly ever uses the rear channels or subwoofer. Also from time to time the sound is a bit hollow. Definitely could have been better.

Theatrical trailer and three trailers for other manga movies is all we get

The fact that hardly has any information on this movie says quite a lot already, but the storyline is pretty decent although the dvd itself could have been a lot better quality-wise. For the manga-addict.

Our Score:

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