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Ty Hackett is an Iraq veteran and rookie armored truck employee at Eagle Security. He’s having some difficulties in his life with having to take care of his younger brother who’s more interested in graffiti than going to school, and he’s about to lose his home. His friends at the company have an idea though: they can steal forty million dollars with the armored trucks and get away clean. And it’s guaranteed that no-one will get hurt. Reluctant at first, Ty decides to go along with the plan to solve his financial problems, but of course something does go wrong…

Sound and Vision:
We get excellent detail which gets proven by the brutal face of Laurence Fishburn and the panels of the armored trucks that get wear and tear as the movie progresses. Here and there we get some softer scenes though, and they stand out a bit too much compared to the rest of the movie. The biggest problem with the Blu-ray, however, is delineation with huge amount of crush from time to time. Still, overall the picture does look quite good.

The sound makes good use of all speakers and the subwoofer and truly goes ballistic at times. It isn’t demo material yet, though, as it lacks some finesse here and there.

– Audio Commentary
– Planning the Heist: Making of
– Armed and Underground: Production Design
– Crash Course: Stunts

Not so many extras and they’re extremely promotional which also means they contain quite some spoilers. Only to be checked out AFTER watching the film!

Usually when movie are about robberies, they’re set in a bank and you can almost count the amount of films about armored trucks on one hand. That doesn’t mean there isn’t potential though, and Armored tries to tap onto that potential to deliver a compelling experience. Unfortunately, the storyline is quite thin and contains a buttload of plotholes that make no sense. Without spoiling anything: if you’re going to rob 40 million dollars, you better have some planning ahead and you don’t bring in a new guy the day before the action takes place. Also some contingency plans might be an idea for if and when something goes wrong.

The cast is filled with quite a lot of well-known names but hardly any of them really get major attention, except for of course Columbus Short’s lead character. Still, they do a decent enough job, even if it’s just crying in pain (Milo Ventimiglia). Armored is a fun movie to watch if you turn off your brain but lacks too many things in the basics to be a truly awesome film

Our Score:

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