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Army of Darkness

After saying the spell from the Necronomicon at the end of Evil Dead 2, Ash was sent back into time to the era of King Arthur where he gets captured by knights who mistakenly believe he’s one of the men of Henry the Red, Arthur’s enemy. Once back in the castle, Ash gets thrown down in a pit where he’s attacked by an imprisoned Deadite. Luckily for our hero, one of the wise men of King Arthur believes Ash is the man who will save them from the Deadites as was stated in an ancient prophecy. He throws Ash’s gun in the pit and our hero manages to get rid of the Deadite and climb out.

Once out of the pit, he releases Henry the Red and asks the wise men to send him home again. Of course, that isn’t as easy as Ash would have wanted as only with the Necronomicon, the men can send him back to his home again. So Ash goes out to get the Book of the Dead, encountering several strange things. Once he’s found the book, he takes it but doesn’t say the three words he needs to say to keep the Army of the Dead from awakening…

Sound and Vision:
Well, the image quality is all but consistent. It seems like certain scenes have been completely forgotten when the makers of the dvd were doing a cleanup resulting in an intro which is flawless followed by scenes which have loads of grain and dirt. Really very strange… Of course this doesn’t do the movie any justice.

The 5.1 surround track isn’t top notch either. The surround channels are scarsely used and the subwoofer could use some more action. The dialogues are nicely coming from the center speaker as they should, but we know MGM can deliver better quality.

Theatrical trailer followed by some deleted scenes which even have different image settings inside one scene which gives a very strange effect when you suddenly see the whole color palette change…

It’s very strange. We know MGM released Army of Darkness in Region 1 and there it was the best transfer ever to be released from this movie. Perfect image and sound quality, the movie completely at its best (complete version, not a cut version as it is here) and packed with interesting extra’s. Are they going to release a special edition later on that will do this movie justice ? Only time will tell but until then we’ll have to do in region 2 with this budget release

Our Score:

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