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Arrival, The

Charlie Sheen is Zane Zaminsky, an obsessed astronomer who believes there must be life in the universe outside that of ours, and who does everything he can to proove it. When one day he picks up a strange signal from a distant planet, he immediately reports this to his superiors but they dismiss it as being fake. Even better: he gets fired and can go look for something else to do. Zaminski however isn’t the man to let things go so easily and when the colleague who was with him when he found the signal is found dead, he’s convinced there’s something going on. When little later, his home-set-up astronomy lab picks up an identical signal but this time coming from Earth, he travels to Mexico to investigate the origin of the signal. However, what he finds there is beyond his expectations and it may even cost him his life…

Sound and Vision:
Ok, this movie isn’t a big budget one, but some cleaning up of the source material doesn’t really hurt, now does it? There’s grain present as well as print damage and these days I really don’t think that’s acceptable anymore seeing that even movies from the 60’s get almost perfect image quality on DVD.

The soundtrack is stereo and doesn’t really add much to the movie.

Budget release anyone? I wonder what’s up with RCV that they don’t even add menus anymore these days…

As so many young actors with a famous father (Keifer Sutherland anyone?), Sheen seems to have lost his way after a couple of hits and has to be happy that he still gets a role at all until his big break comes along. The Arrival isn’t the movie that puts Sheen back on the map but it’s an entertaining sci-fi movie that combines several ideas into one big conspiracy plot and of course it has to be Ron Silver who’s the bad guy 🙂

RCV didn’t think much of The Arrival as I have no other explanation for why they didn’t do anything to the source material to make things look better. The dvd really is budget all the way. Anyway, those who like sci-fi will probably have fun watching this movie despite the technical imperfections.

Our Score:

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