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Ash Wednesday

Hell’s Kitchen three years ago: three guys are in a bar, planning the murder of Francis Sullivan, son and right hand of John Sullivan, the local mobster. What they don’t know, however, is that the bar tender if Francis’ brother, Sean. When they go to the toilet to take a leak before leaving, Sean takes a gun and kills them. Little later, a hitman gets hired to kill Sean, resulting in only his arm being found and Francis going straight from that moment without ever looking back on his criminal past again.

Now, on Ash Wednesday, a woman claims to have seen Sean and Francis is asked by the local crime boss to check out the rumors. What nobody knows is that Francis killed the hitman and that his brother was sent out of town to be safe but he has now returned to be together with his wife again. While the mobsters are trying to find out whether Sean is still alive or not, Francis has to do all he can to get his brother back out of Hell’s Kitchen without getting caught as that would cost both their lives…

Sound and Vision:
The image quite suffers from artefacts, mostly when the characters are moving quickly (you’ll notice blocks around them). The colors have a brown flair but there’s no problem with that as detail and darkness level are still very good.

The soundtrack is not really impressive as there are little effects. Still, the surround channels are used to give some atmosphere and so does the subwoofer.

A photo gallery, theatrical trailer and director’s commentary are all we get along with a couple of trailers from other movies.

A rather slow but still interesting movie in the film noir genre which is rather good. Still, I doubt everyone will love it as it’s got quite a special style

Our Score:

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