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Assassination of Richard Nixon, The

Sam Bicke (Penn) is depressed. All he wants is a piece of the “American Dream” but everything seems to fail for him. He’s just quite his job at his brother’s tire company as he doesn’t want to be a dishonest salesman, his marriage is a total failure, and his new job as a furniture salesman doesn’t seem to be much better. He tries to get a loan to set up his own tire business, but with a black partner it isn’t so easy. Meanwhile, Nixon, in Bicke’s mind the greatest liar of them all, is all over the television with the Watergate scandal.

Sound and Vision:
We’re used to getting good quality dvd’s from Sony and on the image part that’s what we get. The colors are raw and things look a bit depressing and realistic but this adds to the overall atmosphere. Compression errors is something we didn’t spot but there was some edge enhancement though.

The soundtrack is listed as Dolby Digital 5.1 so imagine our surprise when we found out there’s only a Pro Logic track available. Also in the menu there’s no option to change the sound so this is one huge error on Sony’s part. The 2.0 track does its job but with a 5.1 a lot more atmosphere would be created in my opinion and this dvd could use a good 5.1 track to enhance the viewer’s experience.


The Assassination of Richard Nixon isn’t some action movie and not even a thriller. It’s a pure and honest drama with a fantastic performance again by Sean Penn who again prooves he’s Oscar material (although it took him years before he got one). Don’t expect a happy feeling after seeing this movie, there’s no happy ending and the overall atmosphere is so depressing that you really won’t be in for a party afterwards. Not a movie for everyone so to speak. Technically there’s nothing wrong with the dvd but the lack of any extras and a 5.1 soundtrack did disappoint me.

Our Score:

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