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Dr. Max Raphael is a brilliant psychiater who’s just gotten an important position in a special clinic where murderers and raipists are getting treated and together with his attractive wife Stella and his son Charlie they go live on the grounds of the facility. Stella is expected to stand by her man but since she doesn’t really fit in with the standard club of wives of the other doctors, she pretty quickly gets bored and misses the passion in her marriage. In comes Edgar Stark, one of the patients that is renovating Raphael’s garden house and the two get a passionate affair. However, this doesn’t get unnoticed by dr. Petr Cleave who’s Edgar’s doctor but instead of intervening, he decides to overlook the relationship…

Sound and Vision:
The image has been transferred in its original aspect ratio and looks really good with natural colors and good detail. There’s some minor edge enhancement present along with some grain but nothing that really bothers.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 track has a very spacial sound with subtle use of the surround channels although the emphasis is on dialogues.

– Interviews: cast & crew: four interviews with the main cast and director David Mackenzie.
– Behind the Scenes: B-Roll without any accompanying comments
– Liner Notes: text pages that give some info on the storyline and the production
– Filmclips
– Trailer
– Photo Gallery

Asylum is a psychological thriller based on the book by Patrick McGarth. Unfortunately, there’s little to thrill a director David Mackenzie doesn’t manage to create much tension. The way the relations between the different characters evolve however, does make the movie interesting to watch. On the technical side we’re pretty happy with the image and sound quality, but the added extras really don’t add much to the dvd.

Our Score:

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