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Awful Truth, The – Season 1&2

Michael Moore, the activist director known from such movies as Fahrenheit 9/11 and “Bowling for Columbine”, managed to get a show on cable TV so he gathered an audience in a room, set up some decors and declared independence. Well, not exactly but when you hear him saying he’s “The People’s Democratic Republic of TV” you just know he’ll be kicking rich & powerful butt. And this time he won’t be doing it alone. Together with Crackers, the “Crime Fighting Chicken”, Thomas Jefferson and a lot of other people, Michael Moore is taking on people like Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and even Mickey Mouse !

Sound and Vision:
Well, The Awful Truth is set up as a TV show that is shot like a stand-up comedy but with interlude movies. The image quality is decent but nothing spectacular and the same goes for the sound. Dialogues are clear and understandable but there are no special effects so one doesn’t really not a surround system at all.


This DVD pack contains 4 discs which in total span season one and two of the show. This makes 24 30-minute episodes and I can assure you that after watching this, you’re disgusted by some of the things you’ve seen (working conditions, fraud, …) but also a bit fed up with Michael Moore. Whenever he arrives on stage and starts to talk he sounds like Kermit the Frog and I found myself constantly wondering when Miss Piggy would show up. Well, we didn’t see a pig in costume but after a couple of episodes a dressed up chicken arrived !

The Awful Truth is set up to bring wrongdoings to the general public in a funny way but if you think more than 2 seconds about what you see, the laughing will disappear. Moore does an excellent job in attacking those that do wrong but sometimes he pushes it too far and tries to make some easy scores that have no meaning at all. Also, the fact that he seemingly just kicks around at random doesn’t really help his cause. Still, The Awful Truth is a must-have for the Moore-fans and definitely something to check out for anyone that has an over-average intelligence and wants to see the dark side of the US

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