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Babylon 5: A call to Arms

While inspecting a new prototype of space ship that is being tested for the Alliance, Sheridan gets a vision where he visits a distant planet which has been completely destroyed. At the planet surface, one man approaches him and says that he doesn’t have much time if he wants to prohibit earth from a similar fate. Meanwhile, two other people also get contacted by this person and are told to meet up with Sheridan at Babylon5. Slowly but steadily it becomes clear that the Shadows have left a deathcloud and that their former servants are going to use that in an attack against earth. Time is running out for Sheridan and his helpers and they need to get earth’s forces mobilised before it’s too late…

Sound and Vision:
Warner keeps giving the same quality as with all the latest Babylon 5 DVD’s. The image is very good for a TV series, compression errors are not present but some minor grain from time to time does appear. Overall, nothing to complain about.

The sound is warm and dynamic. Surround speakers are used to add atmosphere but the effects (which you would expect from a large space battle) are rather scarse and the rear speakers are mainly used for music. The subwoofer does give some extra low to make things a bit more realistic.

– Audio Commentary Track by director and main cast
– Introduction on A Call to Arms: a very nice feature where the main cast & crew talk about the making of the movie. Bruce Boxleitner gets to talk a lot about the last time he plays Sheridan.
– Creating the Future: a short feature on the special effects and decors of Babylon5

A Call to Arms is the last TV-movie based on Babylon5 that features the complete original cast so this is the ideal moment to say goodbye to (meanwhile) President Sheridan. A must-have for the fans, a bit hard to follow if you don’t know the series.

Our Score:

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