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Babylon 5: River of Souls

Garibaldi comes back to Babylon 5 to talk with a scientist who investigates the possibility of everlasting life and who’s funding comes from the company Garibaldi leads. What Garibaldi doesn’t know however, is that the scientist has taken a bowl filled with souls from a shrine guarded by Soul Hunters. When one of those Soul Hunters arrives at Babylon5 to get the bowl back, the souls inside it manage to influence the scientist and he hides somewhere in the station to make sure the Soul Hunter doesn’t find the bowl.

Little later, several of the souls manage to escape and tamper several electronics of the station. Slowly but steadily they take over Babylon 5 and when a whole fleet of Soul Hunters arrives, it becomes clear that they rather blow up the station than to surrender…

Sound and Vision:
It’s getting repetitive but the image quality is the same as with the other tv movies of Babylon 5 and that can also be said of the sound. Compression errors are not present, some grain is from time to time viewable, the soundtrack is dynamic and warm but the surround speakers could use a bit more punch and special effects. Dialogues are clear and understandable at all times.

Michael Stracszinsky has an audio commentary track but the best part is his special feature (Introduction to River of Souls) in which he and the main cast&crew get to talk all about the production of the movie which covers all basic aspects and is very interesting.

River of Souls isn’t like most episodes and TV-movies. The storyline is completely seperated from the rest of the series and you can watch it without ever having seen any other Babylon5 episode before. However, since it’s so completely different, it’s a bit getting used to as the cast has had some changes (no more Sheridan). Anyone who likes sci-fi will probably like this DVD

Our Score:

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