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Babylon 5: Season 1

Ten years after the war between humans and Minbari, the decision was made to create a diplomatic space station where all different races could live together and prevent a major war between each other. This station would be called Babylon, but when the first four got destroyed or disappeared (B4), the only one remaining is Babylon 5. Commander Jeffrey Sinclair and his crew successfully run the station but have to cope with the daily problems and in the meantime make sure diplomatic efforts happen in a coordinated way. Meanwhile a dangerous force is working its way into B5 to get things rolling for an intergalactic war…

Sound and Vision:
Babylon5 was broadcasted on TV in 1.33:1 but this dvd shows in widescreen which is something we can applaud as the series was originally shot in widescreen 1.65:1 (the dvd shows 1.78:1) The overall quality suffers from lots of damage, edge enhancement, aliasing and grain. also, episode 8 has a problem as the master that was used for this episode contained the 1.33:1 TV version and not the widescreen one which makes that the characters look stretched.

Although we do get a 5.1 track, the sound is focused on the front speakers and both the subwoofer as the surround speakers are hardly used. The dialogues are well understandable but aren’t quite well coming from the center speaker.

Disc 1
– Short introduction to the series by J. Michael Straczynski
Disc 4
– Audio commentary by J. Michael Straczynski on episode ‘Signs and Portents’
Disc 6
– Audio commentary by J. Michael Straczynski on episode ‘Chrysalis’
– The Making of Babylon 5: promotional Making Of presented by Walter Koenig (Chekov from Star Trek)
– Back to Babylon 5: documentary that features interviews with cast & crew. Also the CG is discussed
– The Universe of Babylon 5:
#Station Tour: short description of the different sectors in the station
#Data Files: background info on different things like the Grey Council, the different races, etc
#Personnel Files: info on the crew of B5
#Tech Files: info on vehicles and techniques

The first season of Babylon5 is decent but not obligatory to have if you want to be able to follow the continuing storyline that spans over the different seasons. There are quite some interesting background informations to be seen in season one and that’s what makes it interesting. However, the image quality is far from good and the soundtrack isn’t all too great either so don’t get this season for its technical specs. The extras are reasonably interesting although not all too great. All in all, Season 1 is something all the fans will have to complete their series but it’s not something you can’t live without.

Our Score:

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