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Babylon 5: Season 2

Season 2 starts off with the arrival of a new captain and this is a very good evolution for people who haven’t seen the first season as most of the characters are presented again to the viewer. Only the very first episode might cause some confusion to those that don’t know the series as it picks up the story from the last episode of Season 1. Still, newcomers will have no trouble picking up fast. Although the first episodes have rather robotic acting from certain people, you’ll notice that while the episodes continue the actors (especially Bruce Boxleitner who plays the captain) get more grip on their role and the overall performance gets to a level which can compete with high-class series as Star Trek. Same goes for the storyline which starts off rather superficial but becomes really intense after a while and makes you urge to view the next episodes untill the moment you’ve seen the last DVD and you long for the next season to be released.

Sound and Vision:
The image has quite a lot of problems with ghost movement. You’ll see blocks appearing around the characters when they move quite a lot. Also a reasonably large amount of white dots (pointing to the use of a bad source) are present. Truly a shame.

The soundtrack is reasonably good with warm dialogues which are nicely positioned at the center front speaker while the surround speakers and subwoofer are well-used for the space scenes

The extras start off with the main cast & crew giving audio commentary after which we can check out the proceedings of how certain episodes are set up. Also more background information on the Babylon 5 universe is given through a couple of features aswell as some backgroudn info on Season 2’s story- and timeline. All very entertaining and interesting.

The award-winning Babylon 5 series now has season 2 released on DVD and I’m already looking forward to Season 3. The storyline really grips you by the throat after a while and it’s a real shame Warner didn’t put more effort in bringing us more decent image quality

Our Score:

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