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Babylon 5: Season 3 – Point of no Return

The Shadows are coming more and more into the open and while the Centauri are expanding their territory, Sheridan and his crew are trying to form an alliance against the coming of the Shadows. To make things worse, Earth Command appears to be working together with the Shadows and Babylon 5 has to get away from its alliance with Earth and become independent under protection from the Minbari. When everyone’s hope for an alliance against the Shadows, Sheridan asks Kosh for help and with some Vorlon ships, the first victory against the Shadows gets achieved. Unfortunately, Vorlon ambassador Kosh gets murdered little later. Sheridan is getting all his troops together to fight off the Shadows when he gets some help from an unexpected corner, but things get an even more unexpected twist when his wife who was presumed dead arrives on Babylon5.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality has greatly improved over season 2. Everything has been remastered and it shows: compression errors are down to a minimum, level of detail has been enhanced significantly and contrast is up to very acceptable levels.

The soundtrack has also been remastered to a 5.1 track which is great, but some more use from the rear speakers would have been nice as at the moment they only come into action from time to time.

This third season is packed with extras and we start off on the first disc with an extensive intro by creator Straczinsky which is very interesting but does contain quite some spoilers. My opinion: check it out AFTER looking at season three. Of course there are more features so we get “Behind the mask: creating the aliens of Babylon 5”, “Buidling a better Narn” and “Designing Tomorrow: the look of Babylon 5”, all delivering what the title promises. There’s also some audio commentary tracks by Sctraczinsky and the main cast and of course there’s quite a bunch of information files, profiles, etc etc. To end, you also get a couple of teasers of other episodes. All in all a lot of good stuff that you definitely want to check out if you’re into Babylon 5.

Season three of Babylon 5 has improved on all sides in quality. The episodes are more action-packed but still contain the necessary humour while the overall image quality has been upgraded in comparison with season two. There’s quite a lot of interesting extra’s but the main thing here is the overall storyline that has undergone a gearshift and is moving faster than before. While season two needed about half of the season before you would really get into it, season three already takes you by the throat from the very beginning. Really great stuf!

Our Score:

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