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Babylon 5: Season 5 – Wheel of Fire

The war against the Shadows has finished. Both the Shadows, the Vorlons and all the other ancient races have departed beyond the Rim and the Interstellar Alliance can start working on other problems. Other problems like finding out who is doing the raids on unprotected freighters. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Delenn need to keep the members of the alliance calm, Garibaldi finds out that he can’t do anything against Bester which results in him grabbing the bottle again, and Steven Franklin gets the possibility to return to Earth to lead an important department. While all this is going on, Elizabeth Lochley arrives on Babylon5 as the new commander and she immediately finds herself in quite a mess when a bunch of rogue telepaths request asylum in order to prepare finding a world for their own.

On the non-human front, G’Kar sees his book published without his knowledge and this results in him becoming a spiritual leader for the Narn, something he didn’t really want to be. Londo Mollari on the other hand sees his days as Emperor coming closer but what he doesn’t know is that inside the Centauri Republic, a terrible conspiracy is going on.

Sound and Vision:
Although the cgi seems to have improved, the image quality is still quite the same as with the other recent seasons. There’s some print damage present, but nothing that will spoil the fun.

The soundtrack (5.1) is nice but nothing extraordinary.

There’s quite some extras available again but to be honest, I wasn’t really impressed by them. Most of the features that were a bit interesting went on about the fans of the series and sound more like a tribute to them than anything else.
– Introduction by Straczinsky
– Making Of: A Digital Tomorrow
– Audio commentaries with several episodes
– The Universe of Babylon 5
– Additional scenes
– Bloopers

When I reviewed the first season of the series, I stated that it could be seen as a prologue of the actual story with the war against the Shadows as red line. Similarly, Season 5 is an epilogue that tells how things went on after the war, how the Interstellar Alliance made it through its first year and how Babylon5 finally went out of business. Although Season 5 is nice, it doesn’t have the gripping story of Seasons 2 to 4 and some influence from spin-off “Crusade” can already be seen (including some flaws in continuity unless those are fixed in the later seasons of Crusade), especially in the new intro sequence which contains some text from Crusade, something I really don’t understand the reason for.

Our Score:

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