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Babylon 5: The Gathering

While the crew on Babylon5 are setting up the last things before it is fully operational, the last ambassador – Kosh from the Vorlon Empire – is to arrive any moment. Before his arrival however, an assassin comes aboard the ship who plans to take out the ambassador. When Kosh finally arrives, he gets infected with some sort of poison and all evidence points towards commander Jeffrey Sinclair as being the murderer…

Sound and Vision:
The image is rather soft and although it’s fit for all television screens, the heads of the cast really looked all but natural on my widescreen TV, something that didn’t happen with the release of the rest of the series (or the other TV movies for that matter). The overall looks are quite dated and the CGI have some problems with aliasing aswell as compression errors. For the rest we must say that there’s little print damage and for a TV movie from 1993 things look reasonably good.

The sound is encoded in a Dolby Digital 2.0 track which is again unlike the rest of the series but all in all it performs reasonably good.


Babylon 5: The Gathering is the original pilot of the popular series that would span 5 entire seasons. The basic foundation of the series was set with this movie, but in no way is this movie really of any huge importance to the series. The cast significantly changed when the first season got shot and the storyline itself doesn’t have any impact on the rest of the seasons. Still, fans of Babylon 5 will probably want to have this release just to have their collection complete. Unfortunately, the same idea must have crossed the minds of the people at Warner as they didn’t care to give a decent treating to this DVD. The image and sound are barely acceptable and the fact that there are absolutely no extras present only enhance this feeling.

Our Score:

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