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Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers

A new enemy is terrorising ships at the borders of space but little is known about them.

Sound and Vision:
The image doesn’t have any compression errors like we’ve seen in the earlier seasons from Babylon5 so that’s a good thing. Also, the special effects have improved a bit on one side, but on the other side the space combat sequences are quite absurd and have absolutely no resemblence to those from the original series. Still, that’s got nothing to do with technical image quality so let’s end that part with saying that several scenes suffer quite a bit from grain.

On the sound part things are quite ok but nothing more.


Babylon5: Legend of the Rangers is an excellent pilot for a new spin-off. The first season of Crusade (the first spin-off) was total crap but here we get some interesting storylines. There’s a new major enemy and again we got some strong characters. The fact that the visual effects have improved quite nicely adds to the pro’s (except for the ridiculous hero ship’s control for shooting)

Our Score:

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