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Babylon 5: Thirdspace

When a Babylon 5 patrol is flying in Hyperspace, they suddenly find a massive object that doesn’t appear to have been made by any known race. They drag it back to Babylon 5 where it will be investigated but before long an earth scientific corporation comes along and offers to help with the study of the object. Quickly is becomes clear that the object is some kind of gate to another dimension which could make it possible to travel even faster than through Hyperspace. However, while the object is hanging outside Babylon 5, several people are acting strange and having dreams about a dark city that lays in “thirdspace” and is inhabited by an alien race.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is much like with the latest seasons of Babylon 5, Pretty decent for a television show. Minor grain is present at times but compression errors are not. Good stuff.

The surround track is warm and dynamic and nicely adds some extra atmosphere. Surround channels are used only subtle and the emphasis is on the front speakers but that isn’t a bad thing. Dialogues are always clear and understandable.

– Audio Commentary Track by director and main cast
– Introduction on Thirdspace: a very nice feature where the main cast & crew talk about the making of the movie. The emphasis is mainly on the story and it’s nice to see how Stracszinsky creates the Babylon 5 universe 🙂

Thirdspace is positioned during the Shadow wars and it is a great addition to the normal series. Any B5 fan should get this. Technically things are the same as with the TV-series and the “Introduction on Thirdspace” is certainly worth watching

Our Score:

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