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A couple of teenagers head off to an abandoned villa for the weekend to play a game of “Backstabbed”. This game is the latest hot thing in the US and the idea is to hide toy weapons in the house and virtually kill the others. Of course it doesn’t take long before one of the teenagers starts going mental and makes the game a true massacre by really killing everyone that enters the house. When only Tine remains, a game of cat and mouse starts…

Sound and Vision:
The beginning of the movie has some pretty decent image quality with good detail and hardly any compression artefacts or anthing. Unfortunately the dvd doesn’t keep up the quality all the time and towards the end, the level of detail goes down and this is really a shame. It’s like you’re looking while you’re eyes are wet from crying…

Although it’s a Dolby Digital 2.0 track, the dialogues are good understandable (qua clarity, I don’t speak Danish ;p) and positioned well at the center speaker while the front right and left speakers are used seperately to give an idea of space. One of the better 2.0 tracks I’ve recently heard.

A photo gallery. Not really much, don’t you think?

Backstabbed is a movie in the genre of Scream but doesn’t quite get up to the same level. Danish movies are in the lift but you can still see they don’t have the budgets like in the US. Still, lovers of non-English horror might want to give it a shot

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