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Bad Boys

When a shipment of drugs worth of 100 million dollars gets stolen from the Miami police department, Mike Lowry and his partner Marcus Burnett are put on the case. They have 72 hours before the internal affairs department will come in and take over the case and shuts them down.

Sound and Vision:
There’s good news and there’s bad. The image has soft shots, specs of dirt, hairline scratches, banding, lack of detail in dark scenes and the colors are all but fantastic. That’s the bad. Now the good: the reason for these issues lays in the source material and (partly) the filming from the director. If you compare to earlier DVD releases, Bad Boy has never looked as good as on this Blu-ray.

The sound comes with a nice DTS-HD track which sadly enough is limited due to the old nature of the movie. The surround channels are well-used but the technical quality of the track highlights the limited nature of the sound from the 90s which means that it can’t match with modern day action movies.

– Michael Bay audio commentary
– Putting the Boom & Bang in the Bad Boys
– Music Videos

Bad Boys is a typical Michael Bay vehicle with the advantage that he couldn’t go all-out yet in the 90s like he’s been doing the last couple of years (Transformers comes to mind). As a result the movie doesn’t have all too complex filming where it’s hard to see what’s going on but instead some nice shots that really give you a true movie action experience. The combination of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence works very nicely and delivers a combination of action with necessary comedy, making it a true classic in its genre.

This Blu-ray isn’t perfect but that has more to do with the source material than anything else. Bad Boys has never looked and sounded this good so if you like the movie, the Blu-ray will be right up your alley.

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