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Bad Lieutenant

Harvey Keitel is a police lieutenant in New York who does everything a cop shouldn’t do: rob thieves, gamble, buy & sell drugs, and so on. While investigating the rape of a nun, he finds that his life is a total mess but although he looks for forgiveness, his actions continue driving him into a downward spiral.

Sound and Vision:
For a movie from 1992, the image quality is pretty decent. At times the detail lacks a bit and contrast is a bit too dark, but it does add to the dark atmosphere of the movie.

The sound comes from a very basic 1.0 track that doesn’t provide much extra. Dialogues are clear and undertandable but that’s all we can say about it.


Bad Lieutenant was shot 2 years after King of New York and continues his provocative way of making films. There’s nothing to feel good about in this movie and Harvey Keitel delivers a magnificent performance that will make people wonder how someone like the lieutenant in the movie can keep going. Bad Lieutenant isn’t a movie for the large audience as it’s probably too depressing for most people, but that’s exactly also its strength. It’s nowhere near a Hollywood blockbuster and quite literally shows the dark side of our society. Fantastic!

A-film delivers this movie in what can be called a budget release as there are no extras and both image and sound haven’t been upgraded. Seeing that there will be only a small audience for this dvd I think it’s a choice that can be understood as at least it’s getting a DVD release, but a bit more wouldn’t have hurt. There’s also a French Collector’s Edition release of Bad Lieutenant which does contain a bunch of extras and has a 5.1 soundtrack. Too bad these weren’t ported to this version.

Our Score:

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