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Bad Santa

Every year, Willie (Thornton) and his buddy-midget Marcus have a nice job around Christmas: they dress up as Santa and one of his elves, go work at a big mall to make children happy, and after the last day rob the safe of the mall. Every year however, Willie gets worse. He’s drunk all the time, hates his life, hates kids, and fucks fat chicks in the dressing rooms of the mall.

This year doesn’t seem all too different. They’ve got a job in Phoenix but Willie’s behaviour does cause concern for the mall’s boss and he asks his security guy Gin to check out Willie and Mac. Meanwhile, Willie is getting harassed by a fat kid that thinks he’s really Santa but not all is bad: during one of his drunk nights at the pub he meets Sue who really has a sexual preference for Santa…

Sound and Vision:
The image contains no compression errors and the colors are bright and shiny. In fact, the image quite well goes with the overall feeling of the movie which is very positive.

The 5.1 soundtrack isn’t really necessary as there’s too little action for it to be fully used, but it does a good job.


You also hate those bittersweet Christmas movies? Those feelgood “happy holidays everything-is-great” pictures? Then you’ll – like me – really LOVE Bad Santa! Billy Bob Thornton is great as the looser Willie and there’s plenty of comedy present without things getting all too sweet! Bad Santa is without a doubt the best Christmas movie I’ve ever seen! No more tearjerking, no more stupid comedy like “Christmas with the Kranks”, no more “feelgood” crap ! We Want More of Bad Santa! And Lauren Graham as Mrs. Santa’s Sister deserves a sidenote: forget the Gilmore Girls, she can actually be quite cool.

Our Score:

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