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Bad Taste

A.I.D.S. (Astro Invasion Defence Service) receives a call from a citizen of a small town stating that aliens have started the invasion. Derek (Peter Jackson), Frank (Mike Minett), Ozzy (Terry Potter) and Barry (Pete O’ Herne) are the team that gets sent to investigate and once there, they find out that the aliens under the lead of Lord Crumb (Doug Wren) want to take over Earth to use humans as some kind of intergalactic fast food.

Sound and Vision:
The movie is in standard 4:3 so no widescreen. There’s been no remastering and quite a bunch of problems are visible. Digital compression errors, and damages of the film are visible, just like some minor grain.

The sound on the other hand is satisfactory for a 2.0 track.

We get a nice “Making Of” which gives some insight on the special effects as well as interviews with cast & crew. Also home movies from Pete Jackson are included along with interviews with his parents (!) Next to that we get a couple of trailers.

Someone who buys Bad Taste doesn’t do it for the amazing image quality or superb effects. This movie is definitely low budget and therefor doesn’t have anything “great” qua effects. On the other hand, the fun-factor of this cult-classic is extremely high and anyone who is even the least interested in how Pete “Lord of the Rings” Jackson started his career should see this movie. Too bad A-Film didn’t use a remastered version with Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS 6.1 like the region 1 version

Our Score:

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