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Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

Ecks is an ex-FBI agent who’s lost his wife and since then has been on a role. When the son of Robert Gant – a powerful man – gets abducted by a woman, Ecks’ former boss wants him on the job and to do that he gets Ecks to listen to a tape with the voice of his wife. Apparantly she’s not dead and the woman who kidnapped the boy should know more. Ecks takes the job and starts hunting the woman called Sever down but when he gets near her, he finds out the truth about his wife, Gant, and some really dirty business that has been going on.

Sound and Vision:
Perfect image quality is very hard to obtain but Ballistic comes really close. Only some very minor compression errors are present but hardly noticeable. For the rest we get crystal clear quality with great detail and good contrast.

The soundtrack in 5.1 is perfect with nice speading and aggressive use of all channels and you’ll hear effects filling your room. Whether your neighbours will love this overdose is another question of course as also the subwoofer gets loads of action.

The behind the scenes documentary is really interesting with lots of info on how cast & crew got together, special effects, etc etc along with interviews with the most important people that took part in the production. Unfortunately, this feature is not subtitled. The B-roll shows some behind-the-scenes footage without any explanation and to end it all we get some info on cast & crew and the theatrical trailer.

If you’re looking for a nice action movie with Antonio Banderas giving a good acting performance again, this is a dvd you MUST get. The image a sound are almost perfect and also Lucy Liu is acting great. Only minor downpoint is the fact that the extras don’t have subtitles, but we’ll forgive Dutch Filmworks for once as they’ve delivered a great product.

Our Score:

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