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Balls of Fury

Randy Daytona used to be America’s hope when it comes to table tennis. Until the Olympics of 1988 where he lost from the East-German Karl Wolfschtagg and at the same time also lost his dad after he had placed a bet on him.

Years later, Randy is working at a sleazy show in Reno when FBI agent Ernie Rodriguez comes to ask for his help. The FBI is going after the notorious Triad leader Mr. Feng (who was responsible for the death of Randy’s dad) and need Randy’s table tennis skills. Every year Feng organises a ping pong tournament where the best players are invited to participate and Randy is the FBI’s only possibility to infiltrate Feng’s mansion. Randy agrees but before he’s able to take revenge on Feng, he has to get back in shape and need to complete a gruelling training regiment by ping pong master Wong.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is pretty good with hardly any annoying artefacts, good contrast and plenty of detail.

The soundtrack does its job nicely as well with some good use of the surround speakers and subwoofer


I’ve played table tennis for years and was wondering how one could make a comedy with it so was really looking forward to watching Balls of Fury. I knew it was going to be dumb but wanted to know how (and if) the makers would pull it off. The fact that Christopher Walken was in it already raised my expectations. And surprise! Balls of Fury is indeed a pretty dumb movie but has plenty of charm and will no doubt be able to bring a smile to your face thanks to the seriousness of the cast in their acting while the subject is so overly stupid.

When it comes to dumb movies (Naked Gun, Dumb&Dumber, …) it won’t make a lasting impression or manage to rank up with the top of the genre, but it’s well-made and doesn’t fall in the usual traps (Scare Movie 4 anyone?). The script is simple but the links towards Bruce Lee movies combined with some James Bond and Scarface does work. The only real downside of Balls of Fury is the fact that there aren’t any really great jokes present and you won’t be rolling on the floor from laughing. Still, if you’re looking for a funny (but not hilarious) movie, Balls of Fury is certainly one to consider.

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