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When Sara Sandoval returns home from a trip to Europe, she finds her father, a wealthy Mexican banker, in the company of Tyler Jackson, representative of the Bank of New York. Both men are discussing a partnership where the Bank of New York would invest in Sandoval’s bank but in reality, Jackson’s goal is to get hold of Sandoval’s assets and be able to buy the land of Sandoval’s customers for only one peso as they aren’t able to pay back their mortgage.

When little later, Sandoval dies of a heart attack, it’s clear to Sara that Jackson has poisened her father and she decides to rob the local bank as payback. There she meets Maria, daughter of one of the peasants who lost his land, who also wants to rob the bank to give the money back to the poor. The two appear to be each other’s counterparts in just about every way, but nevertheless they decide to work together and start robbing all of Jackson’s banks. Jackson in the meantime has no clue who’s doing the robbing and decides to hire police inspector Quentin Coole to investigate.

Sound and Vision:
There’s some very minor aliasing present but not in such a way that it really bothers. We get very bright and shiny colors, good contrast and plenty of detail. A very fine transfer when it comes to image quality.

The soundtrack uses the surround speakers a lot but unfortunately the dvd seems to go a bit over the top here with dialogues also sounding a bit hollow and missing direction at times.

– Making Of: very short feature where Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek talk about their first day of shooting
– Interview Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz: 12 minutes of interview with the two ladies
– Trailer

Bandidas tries to be a comedy that puts the story of Robin Hood in a western surrounding with two women in the main roles. Unfortunately, I personally found that there’s not enough spark between Cruz and Hayek to make things really funny. Instead we get the usual slapstick jokes and terribly unfunny situations. Only fans of the two leading ladies and those that can laugh with the most stupid situations (and I’m not even talking about Dumb&Dummber funny) may find this a good movie. Think of it as Robin Hood meets Desperado without Antonio Banderas’ sparks.

Warner delivers this DVD with good image quality, two very short extras and sound that has some problems with direction.

Our Score:

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