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After they’ve escaped from prison, Joe Blake (Willis) and Terry Lee Collins (Thornton) think about ways to make some easy money as they plan to go to Mexico and buy a bar. After a short while they’ve come up with the ideal formula: they go to the house of a bank manager, take him and his family hostage without any violance and the next day – before anyone goes to work – they enter the bank and grab all the money they can after the manager opens the vault for them. This way works very well and soon they become known as the “Sleepover Bandits” and their robberies are on nationwide TV.

When Terry Lee one day looses his car (he ran out of gas and by the time he got back, the cops already located it) he jumps in the car of Kate Wheeler who’s depressed by her current life and is seeking some action. She joins up with the bandits and becomes a part of the crew. When both Terry Lee and Joe get in love with her, things start to become a bit more complicated then they had expected.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is reasonably good with only a couple pieces of dirt on the film and some minor aliasing. For the rest we can say that brightness, contrast, detail and sharpness are all ok. Edge enhancement wasn’t spotted either, nor was any grain.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 track with 448 bitrate is very good and uses the surround channels perfectly to add to the atmosphere with incredibly well-used music tracks while dialogues are perfectly positioned at the front speaker. There’s not a lot of action going on but what’s there is perfectly put through the speakers.

The photo gallery and alternate ending are nice, but the “Inside Bandits” documentary is the most interesting feature on the dvd as it provides interviews with cast & crew and background information on the story which really happened. A good “Making Of”. “Creating Scene 71” is a comparison between storyboards and the final bad scene between Joe and Kate. Last there’s a bunch of trailers and deleted scenes

This DVD release is pretty good but the movie itself might not really be what people are expecting. Bandits isn’t the usual action movie (which you might expect from the trailer) but rather a romantic comedy strapped inside a cover of action. Lovers of the genre will definitely like this dvd, others might first want to give it a try by renting it.

Our Score:

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