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Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction

Catherine Tramell is at it again. She’s moved to London where she drives the car of her latest boyfriend into the docks and leaves him in it to die. A short investigation is carried out by detective Roy Washburne and he firmly believes that Tramell is a killer. Before the court date, Dr. Michael Glass is requested to do a psychic evaluation of Tramell and although he quickly sees that she lives on thrills, he doesn’t quite understand the impact she has on him. After she’s set free due to the fact that one of the witnesses has disappeared, she ends up in his practise and requests to go into therapy. However, when people around Dr. Glass start ending up dead, it’s clear that the therapy isn’t going as Glass had imagined.

Sound and Vision:
Overall we get some pretty decent image with good amount of detail and sharp picture, but universal somehow found it necessary to add quite a lot of edge enhancement which isn’t really necessary. Also quite irritating is the badly placed layer change. I would tell you where it is, but I don’t want to spoil the irritation for you 😉

The soundtrack comes with a nice atmospheric DTS track which uses the surround speakers for music and effects while the subwoofer nicely supports the whole. Dialogues are always clear and undertandable. Good work.

– Between the Sheets: pretty standard “Making Of” that has everyone talking about how great everything is.
– Deleted Scenes
– Audio Commantery Track
– B-Roll
– Trailer

It’s been years after Paul Verhoeven’s instant classic Basic Instinct was released and one can wonder why a sequel was made. Sharon Stone is getting a bit too old to play the seductive vamp Catherine Tramell and David Morrissey doesn’t even come close to Michael Douglas when it comes to charisma. This results in a rather plant-like Basic Instinct that doesn’t add much to the original story and can best be seen as a totally different movie if we don’t want to harm the original’s status. As a seperate movie, Basic Instinct 2 doesn’t do much either. It’s a pretty standard thriller with mediocre storyline and plot twists that hardly make sense or can be found interesting. Don’t get your hopes up too high with the note “Uncensored Version” as this is relates to the fact that you get to see some tits.

Universal delivers this dvd with some pretty standard extras, image quality that suffers from unnecessary edge enhancement and a decent soundtrack.

One last note: in the Making Of there’s question on whether or not there will be a part3. For us the answer is simple: Please no!

Our Score:

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