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Basket Case, The

Duane and Belial are a Siamese twin who after birth got separated in a rather horrific way by a couple of doctors who rather forget they ever performed the surgery than brag about it. Years later, when Duane has become old enough, they travel to New York to get back at the doctors who separated them. When Duane becomes in love with one of the doctor’s assistant, Belial (who looks like a head with arms) gets jealous and tries to kill her. Now, Duane will have to choose between the love of his life or the love for his deformed brother.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is about the worst we’ve ever seen. Transfer errors, edge enhancement, video artefacts, color bleeding, low detail, etc etc… think of something bad and it’s available for free on this DVD.

Same goes for the soundtrack which is recorded in Mono. The dialogues are pretty good understandable but that’s about everything good we can say as for the rest everything sounds as flat as the dvd cover. Typical B-movie stuff.

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Basket Case is a typical horror movie from the 80s which is produced with a minimum of money and the DVD perfectly reflects this. Cult horror fanatics will probably love this DVD to add to their collection but for the quality you shouldn’t do it.

Our Score:

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