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Batman Begins SE

Bruce Wayne (Bale) lost his parents as a little child by the hand of a robber called Joe Chill, who afterwards got caught and sentenced to life. Years later, Chill starts working with the police against mob boss Carmine Falcone and therefore gets a reduction of his sentence which in effect sets him free. Bruce wants to shoot Joe, but instead someone from Falcone’s gang is way ahead of him and robs him of his revenge. Desolated, Bruce ends up at a pub where Falcone makes a fool out of him. Now, completely enraged and confused about what to do with his feelings, Bruce decides to leave Gotham city and heads to Asia where he starts to live on the dark side.

When he ends up in jail, he gets noticed by Ducard (Neesom), a member of the League of Shadows who fight against the criminals all over the world. The league train Bruce in the art of Ninjitsu and have him face his worst fears. When as a final test he has to kill a criminal, it becomes clear to him that the League doesn’t mind killing innocent people in the process and he decides to turn against them. He then returns to Gotham where he meets Lucious Fox (Freeman) who shows him several prototypes of inventions that never got mass-produces. Bruce decides to use these inventions to his advantage and create a mythical figure that will scare all criminals in Gotham… Batman.

Sound and Vision:
Batman Begins has been very much stylized digitally but the result is extremely good and gives a nice comic-book look. The image quality is almost perfect and although there’s a lot of dark scenes, it’s never hard to follow what’s going on. Great stuff!

The Dolby Digital 5.1 track has a rather low bitrate which results in too little control over the low tones in the music as well as clarity in the high. Why no higher bitrate has been used or why not DTS track is present is again a mystery (there’s certainly enough room on the disc). Still, the track is very aggressive with a lot of use of surround speakers as well as the subwoofer while from the front we get a nice warm and well-positioned sound.

Disc 1:
– Preview Trailer Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
– Original Trailer

Disc 2:
– Making Of: Batman – The Journey Begins: Standard “making of” where cast & crew get to say a couple of things about the movie. Luckily it isn’t as promotional as most of these are
– Cape & Cowl: feature on the design and development of the batsuit
– Gotham City Rises: feature on how Gotham City got created and how the sets of the Wayne Manor, Batcave look like. Very interesting.
– Path To Discovery: Feature on Wayne’s trip to the Tibetan temple and his education by Ducat. The crew give you a very good idea of how hard it was to create this part.
– Shaping Mind & Body: The hard training Bale had to go through as well as many stunts and rehearsals is what we get to see here.
– Genesis Of The Bat: How did Batman come to life? What’s his psyche and who are his most interesting foes?
– Art Gallery: Several posters for US and international market
– Batman, The Tumbler: A complete feature on the Tumbler and its gadgets as well as more info on how it got to exist
– Saving Gotham City: The monorail chase scene gets completely deducted with cast & crew who talk all about it

Batman Begins is a terrific movie with a great cast and this marks a new beginning for the Caped Crusader license that has been cut to pieces by the last three movies. The only thing I hope is that the makers manage to continue in the line they’ve started and don’t mess up like it was done after the first Batman movie was released (Batman Forever, Batman & Robin and Batman Returns were total crap)

On the technical side there’s nothing to complain either except for the low bitrate of the soundtrack and the adbsense of a DTS track. Warner delivers an excellent package. Get this! Now!

Our Score:

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