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Batman Forever

A bunch of new cast, crew and characters appear in Batman Forever. First of all, the caped crusader is no longer played by the depressed Michael Keaton but Val Kilmer.
This time, Joel Schumacher directed the picture and it shows. Gone is the infinite darkness of Gotham City and a batman that doesn’t know good from wrong. Kilmer is the good guy who doesn’t know whether he should continue his avenging or just stick with being rich multimillionaire Bruce Wayne.

Tommy Lee Jones is Two-Face, a once widely known and respected district attourney who had the misfortune of being mutulated by a criminal, finally making him schizofrenic and a danger for society. He partners up with genius Jim Carrey who wants to capture the intellect of all citizens of Gotham City and with that become ruler of the world. Last but not least, we see the first appearance of Chris O’Donnel as Batman’s helper Robin.

Sound and Vision:
The imagery is recorded very dark but still good. Also, Joel Schumacher gets rid of the dark and gray Gotham City and introduces a whole new color palette to the Batman universe.
The sound is perfect and finally uses the rear speakers where the previous Batman dvd’s lacked of special effects. If you want to test your Dolby Digital system, this DVD is the perfect choice.

Again, Warner Brothers neglects to provide us with more than just some text on cast and crew

Batman Forever brought a new wind into the Batman universe and Jim Carrey shines as The Riddler. Overacting is a natural for Carrey and in a Batman movie, we don’t mind 🙂
Finally we get to hear some good sound effects and therefor this DVD is defenitely worth buying

Our Score:

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