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Batman Returns

In Batman Returns, the caped crusader is still played by Michael Keaton and this time he has to face the Penguin who is played by Danny DeVito. Adding Michelle Pfeiffer to the cast as Catwoman is a nice touch but doesn’t save the fact that Tim Burton couldn’t repeat the success he had with the original movie. Batman Returns is boring as hell with the whole cast playing below their normal standards.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is fair and very dark which is normal for a batman movie which has to demonstrate the dark character of both the caped crusader and gotham city. Like with the original Batman dvd, the sound effects are not overly present which is a shame. Next to that, the dialogues sometimes appear to be the background sound for the movie instead of the other way around.

As with Batman, nothing except some text files which you can read. One can hardly say that these are “extra’s”

Batman Returns is by far the worst movie and DVD in the batman series and you should only get it if you can’t get enough of Gotham City

Our Score:

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