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Batman & Robin

In the fourth Batman movie, George Clooney is put up as Batman and together with Robin (Chris O’Donnel) he has to face Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr.Freeze and Poison Ivy played by Uma Thurman. As new sidekick we get to see Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl.

Joel Schumacher directed Batman & Robin and much like Batman Forever we see that the dark spirit of Gotham City has disappeared. Worse even, Batman & Robin looks more like an arcade game than a real superhero movie where a dark atmosphere should be created. Rather than being inspired by the DC Comics, it’s like Schumacher has watched too many episodes of the television shows based on the caped crusader and we only miss the “Bam!” and “Crash!” drawing that were typical for the TV-series to make the comparison complete.

Sound and Vision:
Where the movie lacks originality, the image and sound quality are superb. There’s loads of effects to blow you off your feet and the picture is crystal-clear. Defenitely a great DVD to show off your dolby sound system to your friends.

As usual, Warner Brothers didn’t find it necessary to put any extra’s on the DVD release except for some production notes on cast and crew. A pitty

Batman Returns is the worst batman movie created, but Batman&Robin is a close second. Joel Schumacher didn’t feel it necessary to keep the dark atmosphere of Gotham City, nor the inner struggle of the caped crusader. Clooney acts like a robot, Alicia Silverstone looks like she could definitely use a diet and both Uma Thurman and Schwarzenegger are poor bad guys.

Combined with a batmobile that looks like a plastic toy and a storyline that would have the original creators of Batman turn in their grave, Batman & Robin ends as a major fiasco.
The only positive point of this DVD is it’s enormous quality in sound effects so unless you’ve got money to spare and want a demonstration disc, I’d suggest you pass on this one.

Our Score:

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