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Battle Royale 2

3 years after the original Battle Royale… Nanahara has become a violent terrorist who fights against all adults. After he and his crew have blown up a major building, they retreat to a distant island where they await an attack. Meanwhile, the adults have set up a new game they call “Battle Royale 2”. Again a class of students is picked out but instead of being dropped somewhere to kill each other, they are sent to Nanahara’s island and are supposed to kill him…

Sound and Vision:
A-film has done a good job with the image quality of this title. The first minutes you’ll see a major display of grain but that’s intentional. For the rest, compression errors are absent and the contrast is of very high quality. Sadly, certain scenes are a bit soft and some more detail wouldn’t have hurt.

We get a Japanese DTS and Dolby Digital track. We checked out the DTS one and that one is pretty good. Lots of dynamics, clear dialogues, good positioning, and lots of use of the surround channels…

– Trailers of other A-Film releases
– Director VTR at the Islands: short video where you get to see the diseased director Fukasaku Kinji who takes a look at the island of the movie
– Making-of: another short feature where the director gets put in the spotlight
– Making-of (Students): short feature where we get to see the “students” amusing themselves in between takes
– Making-of (for Broadcasting): short feature that has some interviews and set footage

Battle Royale was a cult hit. This sequel starts of very good but after a while I couldn’t help get the impression that terrorism gets praised, something I find not to be such a good thing. Also, the storyline isn’t up to par with the original. Despite a good start, Battle Royale 2 doesn’t manage to keep up the quality like the first movie and that’s also partially due to some of the actors who apparantly haven’t learnt when NOT to over-act. Stuff for the fans.

Our Score:

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