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Battlestar Galactica: Razor

When the Cylons attack Caprica, the battleship Pegasus manages to escape total destruction thanks to the fact that its network grid is down due to maintenance. When Admiral Cain sends scouts back to the planet, they find all cities destroyed and overall belief is that the Pegasus is the only remains of humanity left. That makes her want to take revenge as battle seems to be the only option the Cylons have left the Pegasus. However, what she doesn’t know is that there are Cylon spies on her vessel…

After the death of Cain and its reuniting with the rest of the fleet, Lee Adama takes over the lead of the Pegasus. His first mission is to inspect an enemy who seems to be guarded by ancient Cylons and is also seeking Earth.

Sound and Vision:
The image is a bit soft here and there but overall you can’t really complain. Compression errors are down to a minimum and the contrast and level of detail are the same as with the normal seasons.

The sound is equal in quality, just like the normal TV shows which already are good.

– Audio commentary with Ronald D. Moore and Michael Taylor
– Deleted Scenes
– Sneak Peak Season 4
– Trailer Season 4
– 7 Minisodes

Razor tells the story of the Battleship Pegasus from the moment the Cylons attack the Colonies up until right after its reuniting with the rest of the fleet. This is done in three stories that are nicely interwoven by means of flashbacks. First you have the original attack with Cain seeking revenge, then there’s the first mission under command of Lee Adama, and last up are flashbacks where we get to see a young Bill Adama go on a mission right before the original treaty was signed. Although there’s little real influence on the ongoing storyline of the series, we do get some nice background info and the ending of Razor sheds a new light onto the series although it’s not something all too unexpected.

Those looking forward to Season 4 will be happy to get a preview in the extras and all in all Razor is a nice bridge until S4 gets released on DVD.

Our Score:

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