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Battlestar Galactica: Season 1

About two thousand years ago, the thirteen tribes of mankind left Kobol, birthplace of the human race, and settled on thirteen distinct colonies in space. They stayed in close contact with each other, but the thirteenth tribe was never heard of again. Through technological advancement the humans were able to create artificial machines, Cylons. But when the Cylons rebelled, a long and bloody war was fought. The people’s hopes were directed at Battlestars, huge ships that protected the colonies. After an armistice was declared, the Cylons left for another world to call their own. No one has seen or heard from them in over forty years. But as the Battlestar Galactica is ready to be decommissioned, reports are coming in of an attack on the home worlds. The Cylons have found a way through the human defence systems, so heavy losses were made on our side. Within hours, the human civilization gets destroyed and all that’s left is the ancient Battlestar Galactica along with several civilian ships including the “Colonial One”, the ship of Minister Laura Roslin who, with the death of the entire cabinet, has become the new president of the colonies. Roslin and Adama will have to work closely together to get their fleet organised and some for of civilization set up while they head off to find the mythical place called “Earth” where the 13th tribe apparently went to.

Sound and Vision:
The image contains some grain as well as some compression errors. There’s a difference noticeable between the mini-series and the first season as the crew had switched to HD cameras for the full season but luckily it isn’t too bad. The makers have played with the contrast to distinguish the surroundings so you’ll have pretty natural but rather dark colors aboard the ships, while the scenes on Caprica and other planets have very high contrast and extremely bright colors.

The soundtrack nicely uses all channels for both music and effects. The dialogues are always clear and also the subwoofer gives some decent support. The music used in this new series is different from the original one. The original theme song does get a cameo at the beginning of the mini-series but that’s all the nostalgia you’ll get. The new series has very symphonic music which nicely works along the philosophical way of how the story progresses

– Battlestar Galactica: The Series Lowdown: An introduction to the series with excerpts from the miniseries and interviews with cast and crew.
– Deleted Scenes

The original Battlestar Galactica series is very different from this new one. The basic idea is the same, a war between humans and their creations, the Cylons. You also have the same characters more or less (Starbuck and Boomer are suddenly women) and of course the Galactica, but that’s about as far as the comparison goes. The Cylons have become more than robots with improved AI as they’ve managed to make themselves look human and they also have found a phylosophical twist. They believe in God, have feelings, and are extremely cunning. It is clear that they have a plan but what that is, is something we need to find out by watching the seasons. Also, the storyline isn’t as straight forward anymore. While the original series had mostly episodes where the main characters would visit a planet and battle some Cylons, here it’s more about character development and the problems aboard the Colonial Fleet including politics, love, alcoholism and even a bit of terrorism 🙂

The new Battlestar Galactica is a sci-fi drama series that starts off pretty slow but ups the pace as the season progresses to end with a cliffhanger that will make you jump off your chair from surprise. Fantastic!

Universal delivers a good-looking package with some interesting extras but the image quality could still use some work as there are some compression errors present (especially noticeable in the last episode) which could have been avoided. The soundtrack is also excellent and nicely adds tons of atmosphere to the whole. A Must Have!

Our Score:

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