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Battlestar Galactica: Season 2

Commander Adama has been shot by Boomer at the end of season one and that’s where we start off with the second season. Colonel Tigh has to take over but it’s clear that he’s not up for the job and his decision start to break up the fleet between supporters of Adama and those in favor of president Roslin. Meanwhile, the Cylons aren’t sitting still either. A virus penetrates Galactica, Cylons troopers manage to board the battlestar, and of course Gaius Baltar is still present and under Cylon influence. When Starbuck returns from Caprica she brings news that there are still survivors present and that the Cylons are using humans for procreation. She requests a rescue mission but this is denied. When Adama regains conscience, he manages to reunite the fleet but as time goes on, it becomes clear that Adama and Roslin may face an even greater danger as the discovery of a new planet where people can live is again dividing the fleet with those that want to continue the search for earth and those that want to settle. Baltar sees this as the perfect opportunity to take over power from Roslin and become president.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality – like in season 1 – differs a lot depending on the location. Scenes on Cylon-occupied Caprica have extremely bright image with high contrast and lots of grain. On the other hand, images on Battlestar Galactica are rather dark to nicely portray a dark atmosphere of battle. The same goes for other ships in the Colonial fleet. Depending on the use of the ship, the image will be adjusted to the type of ship to add extra atmosphere. Very nicely done. Overall the image quality is good without anything that really bothers (if not intentional) and the only obvious compression error that we noticed was some aliasing.

The 5.1 soundtrack nicely does its job and uses the surround speakers for additional atmosphere while dialogues are clear and understandable at all times.

Several podcasts and a bunch of deleted scenes.

The second season of Battlestar Galactica again tends to focus a lot on character development and although this is a good thing, it does sometimes slow down the action. Still, season 2 contains more episodes that will put you on the tip of your seat and creates more tension than the first one. A very good evolution if you ask me. Again we see several storylines from the original series coming back in a new form and with different twists and this makes the new series a joy to watch. All sci-fi lovers should definitely check out Battlestar Galactica and I for one will be looking forward to the third season already 🙂

Universal delivers a nice package with decent image & sound quality (most of the image problems are intentional) and we only would have hoped for some more decent extras as a bunch of podcasts and deleted scenes aren’t exactly what we’re waiting for.

Our Score:

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