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Battlestar Galactica: The Plan

The Cylons have a plan. They want to exterminate humanity with a surprise simultaneous attack on the Twelve Colonies but when one Battlestar – the Galactica – and a number of smaller ships manage to survive, the Ones (Cavil) need to improvise in order to fulfil their original plan.

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound are exactly what you would expect from BSG. Indeed, everything looks raw and grainy but that’s all intentional. The amount of detail is high and the contrast between the darkness of space and the glowing of stars is really great. Again we see a huge difference between space and planet surface scenes but it’s just as we’ve gotten used to from the series. The best thing is that the new footage nicely integrates in the archived scenes that were taken out of the series. Well done.

The sound comes with a good DTS-HD track which again perfectly mixes old and new footage together without you hearing any difference at any point.

– Audio commentary track
– Deleted Scenes
– From admiral to director: Edward James Olmos and the plan
– The Cylons of The Plan
– Visual effects: the magic behind The Plan
– The Cylon attack
– Soundtrack

The audio-only section which has the soundtrack is in fact the best extra on this disc. The rest are short features that don’t really add much except that it might have been better to include the deleted scenes into the movie instead of deleting them and now giving them along on the Blu-ray.

The Plan was supposed to be a prequel where we would see the attack on the Twelve Colonies in full force and get more background info on the Cylon side of the series. Unfortunately, the end product seems more like a collection of footage taken from the first two seasons added with a couple of new scenes. All in all quite a disappointment especially as some of the “revelations” that were kept hidden in the series and we now get to see are quite a disappointment.

When looking at how great “Razor” was in giving more background info and in the meantime supplying us with a side story, this is like a rehash of what we’ve already seen added with some boring additional footage that doesn’t really manage to interest much.

The Plan is a disappointment for the fans of the series and for newcomers a complete mystery as we go from scene to scene without there being a clear line if you haven’t seen the series yet. People that don’t have the series certainly shouldn’t get this release as it will completely turn them off and fans only should consider buying if it’s to complete their collection.

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