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Battlestar Galactica: The Series

After years of war against the Cylon Empire, the Colonies appear to be heading towards peace as the Cylons have requested the council of 12 to come to meet them together with a delegation of their battleships to sign a treaty. However, while the entire fleet is heading towards the Cylons, they’re not aware that they’re being tricked into a trap and that the colonies are about to be destroyed. After a fearce battle, only the Battlestar Galactica is able to escape and when they return to their homeworld, they find it completely in ashes with only a handful survivors. All the space ships that are still able to fly are gathered and as many people as possible are being taken along. Following the Battlestar Galactica and its commander Adama, the last remains of humanity are now out to seek a blue planet called earth but have to watch out as the Cylon Empire is all around and wants to destroy everything that is human.

Episode overview:
1. Saga of a Star World – Part 1
2. Saga of a Star World – Part 2
3. Saga of a Star World – Part 3
4. The Lost Planet of the Gods – Part 1
5. The Lost Planet of the Gods – Part 2
6. The Lost Warrior
7. The Long Patrol
8. The Gun on Ice Planet Zero – Part 1
9. The Gun on Ice Planet Zero – Part 2
10. The Magnificent Warriors
11. The Young Lords
12. The Living Legend – Part 1
13. The Living Legend – Part 2
14. Fire in Space
15. War of the Gods – Part 1
16. War of the Gods – Part 2
17. The Man with Nine Lives
18. Murder on the Rising Star
19. Greetings from Earth – Part 1
20. Greetings from Earth – Part 2
21. Baltar’s Escape
22. Experiment in Terra
23. Take the Celestra
24. The Hand of God

Sound and Vision:
The image contains quite some grain and the level of detail could definitely have been better. The worst thing that clearly shows how outdated this series is, is the fact that the colors are pale and don’t appear vivid at all while scratches and dust seem to rule the screen. Luckily, artificial measures like Edge Enhancement aren’t used and aliasing isn’t present either. Compression errors are very limited aswell so we can only conclude that Universal did a good transfer without manipulating the image at all (which is negative for such an old series).

The box claims that the English soundtrack is recorded in Dolby Digital 5.1 but although Universal may have transfered the soundtrack on the dvd in 5.1, we only get mono through the speakers. None of the surround speakers are used nor is the subwoofer. The dialogues are understandable but sound very metallic (and I’m not only talking about the speech of the Cylons) much like the rest of the sound and music. Definitely not a remastered soundtrack.

None what so ever

Battlestar Galactica brings back childhood memories but Universal hasn’t done anything to upgrade the quality of the series that was released in 1978. Everything has been transfered in its original state it seems and one can hardly call that optimal. To make things even laughable, Universal made a major mistake in the subtitles: the third episode on the second disk (The Long Patrol) doesn’t contain Dutch subtitles (as should be) but Danish. Luckily this isn’t the case with all episodes and Universal has notified us that all box sets will be replaced by new ones that don’t have this error. If you like the series, you might want to get this box set which contains all episodes, but if you’re looking for quality and extra’s you can let this one go by.

Our Score:

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