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Be Cool

Chili Palmer (Travolta) has had his success in the movie industry but as he finds this industry almost as bad as his former job (loan shark), he’s thinking about stepping out. When he’s having a chat with his old friend Tommy (Woods) who wants Chili to make a movie about a record boss who launches a new star, a man steps out of a car and shoots Tommy. When Chili little later goes to a bar where Tommy used to go, he hears singer Linda Moon (Milian) and instantly decides to wants to retire from the movie industry and step into the music business. Together with Edie (Thurman), Tommy’s widow, he wants to launch Linda and make her the star she can be. But there are some problems ahead: Linda has a contract with Nick Carr (Keitel) and Edie music label is having money troubles that make it even impossible to pay back the debt they have with gangsta rappers under the lead of Sin La Salle…

Sound and Vision:
The image has been filtered digitally which gives a rather soft and warm feeling although things do stay pretty sharp. The contrast and brightness are ok, there’s some minor grain present but not really disturbing.

The rear channels are used in a very subtle way while we get crystal clear dialogues from the center. Everything is nicely supported with some minor bass from the subwoofer.

– Making Of: “Be Cool, Very Cool”: The cast & director talk about the different characters in the movie with of course Chili Palmer getting most of the attention.
– Gagreel
– Deleted Scenes
– Close-Ups
– Music Video: The Rock as Elliot Wilhelm, “You Ain’t Enough To Take My Man”
– Trailer

Although Be Cool doesn’t get to the level of Get Shorty, the movie is entertaining and a lot of people most definitely will have fun with it. The fact that there’s plenty of celebrities present makes sure that the acting is above standard and John Travolta is again perfectly cast as Chili Palmer. The fact that The Rock plays a gay singer is an added plus just like the subtle comments on both the movie and music industry.

Technically, things are quite alright although not spectacular. The extras are nice but pretty standard and not really anything special. All in all, a perfect movie if you’re looking for some light entertainment.

Our Score:

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