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When their grandfather dies, Jan and Todd Wolfhause are sent to Germany to spread his ashes at Oktoberfest. However, when they arrive, they are lead to an underground “Fight Club”-like international beer drinking competition to get completely humiliated by the German team. Once back home, they want to take revenge but with one year to go before the next Oktoberfest, they’ll need all the practise they can get if they want to beat the reigning champions, the Germans.

Sound and Vision:
The image has bright and natural colors without anything that tampers with the viewing experience. The contrast is good and so is the level of detail.

The sound is decent with some good use of the subwoofer and surround channels for occasional effects but overall the emphasis is on the front speakers.

– Party Foul: the cast & crew talk about things that can happen (and have happened) at parties that make for great stories to tell your friends
– Beer 101: a rather alternative history of beer
– Frog Fluffer: short feature where we get to see some real frog masturbation
– Deleted scenes
– Audio commentary

The guys from Broken Lizard (Super Troopers) return with Beerfest, a very rude comedy that’s filled with slapstick and burping to make you laugh. Luckily, they actually succeed in their task as this movie is so absurd, so typical and filled with such stereotypes that you’ll have to be extremely sour if you don’t want your mouth to show even the smallest sign of a laugh. Of course, you don’t have to expect any sophistication but in return you do get lots of jokes with tons of sexuals references and bad behaviour. Funniest part of the movie: the masturbation of the frog! All in all, Beerfest is a very good comedy for people that love movies like Dumb&Dumber.

Warner delivers this dvd with decent image & sound quality as well as a couple of funny extras that are worth checking out.

Our Score:

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