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Believers (aka Raw Feed 3)

Two paramedics are sent out to a gas station in the middle of nowhere as a woman apparently collapsed there. Once arrived, they notice the woman is dead and try to reanimate her. However, when a couple of men with guns arrive, they have to stop what they’re doing and are ordered to come along. It seems they’re being taken prisoner by the Quanta Group, some sort of sect that believes the end of the world is near and they all have to escape to another dimension.

Sound and Vision:
The image is pretty bad with quite some compression errors, aliasing and grain. Especially the outdoor scenes suffer from this, but also indoor we spotted some problems. The sound on the other hand does its job nicely.

The extras start with a longer version of the interview that we got to see in the intro of the movie. After that there are several “hidden cams” which contain footage from some of the characters that explain certain things. Amongst the subjects are the layout of the base, the history of The Teacher and how The Formula was set up and discovered. Last up there’s some footage of the cops entering the base after the massacre happened. All pretty fun stuff that nicely goes along with the movie. We should get more of this instead of crappy promotional “Making Of” features that nobody wants to see.

Believers is the third movie in Warner’s Raw Feed collection and is directed by the director of The Blair Witch Project. The cast doesn’t really have top actors but overall the performance is pretty decent and the storyline starts off as pretty predictable and straight forward but towards the end things change radically which manages to uplift the film to just above average. Think of Believers as a very good Saturday night TV movie and you’ll certainly not be disappointed.

Our Score:

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