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World War 2. An American submarine picks up a couple of survivors from an English ship which apparantly has been sunk by a U-boat. Amongst the survivors is a female English doctor who’s taking care of a wounded German soldier, but when he’s discovered (to be German), the commanding lieutenant decides to kill him as he might be a jeopardy for the safety of the submarine and its crew.

A couple of hours later the submarine is being pursued by a German warship and while the sub and its crew are being targeted with underwater bombs, the female doctor hears the body of the dead German say that she has to leave the ship while she still can. When things calm down, she tells the lieutenant what happened but he doesn’t believe her and decides to put her in her room. From that moment on things start to turn bizarre with strange malfunctions happening to the sub and crew members dying in strange accidents. As time passes it becomes clear that the crew isn’t alone in the deep water and that something else is waiting to kill them all.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is surprisingly good for such an unknown movie. No artefacts or edge enhancement, good detail and shadow depth. The colors are rather dark and cold but nicely fit to the atmosphere of a submarine under water.

The sound has the same quality, it nicely creates an atmosphere where you expect something scary to happen.

An uninteresting director’s audio commentary track is all we get. Get the Special Edition 2-disc set for more.

A nice b-movie with an interesting storyline which could have lifted the movie to A-class quality if it hadn’t been for the pretty disappointing finale

Our Score:

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