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Best Laid Plans

Tropico USA. Nick (Alessandro Nivola) works in a recycling company and hopes to get enough money from his heritage that he can leave town and start up a new life. Unfortunately, his dad forgot to tell that he hadn’t been paying his taxes for several years and this results in the fact that the whole heritage comes down to nothing for Nick and he’ll have to keep his job to be able to continue living. Meanwhile, his old college friend Bryce (Josh Brolin) has come back to town and they decide to have a drink. When the beautiful Lissa (Reese Witherspoon) enters the bar, Nick leaves Bryce with her and goes home. Later that night Bryce calls him completely in panic and asks him to come over. Once Nick arrives, Bryce tells about how he had sex with Lissa but that she now wants to accuse him of rape and to make things even worse: she’s a minor so no matter what is said, his career will be over. The only thing to do to resolve the problem is to kill Lissa and get rid of her body…

Sound and Vision:
There’s some grain in certain scenes and the level of black could have been a bit better but for the rest we can’t complain at all. Contrast is decent just aswell as the sharpness of the image. Amount of detail is good and we didn’t spot any compression errors.

The 5.1 soundtrack puts the emphasys on the front speakers with good stereo spreading but the surrounds are still used to give some extra spacial dimension to the movie. The subwoofer doesn’t come into action too much. Dialogues are nicely centered but tend to sound a bit shallow in the high tones at times. Still a pretty decent track although not extraordinary.

The extras start off with an audio commentary track by Mike Barker, the director, together with his assistant Jeff Balis. After that we can check out a promo featurette which includes short interviews with main cast & crew aswell as some behind-the-scenes footage. Last up are 9 deleted scenes and 2 trailers.

Reese Witherspoon hasn’t done too many big budget movies but she does manage to pick some very good budget titles to play in and this is one of those. Not too many actors or special effects but a storyline with decent unexpected twists and good acting make this movie definitely something to check out. Good stuff that’s released on a budget price so you definitely shouldn’t leave this laying around !

Our Score:

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