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Big Bus, The

A huge bus powered by a nuclear engine is going to make its first trip from Denver to New York non-stop. The whole world is anxious to know whether the bus will make it as this would be a good thing to have nature spared a bit from the exhaust fumes from petrol but the oil industry isn’t all too happy. In fact, they’ll do anything to make sure the bus doesn’t make it to its destination including placing bombs along the track, creating earthquakes, etc.

Sound and Vision:
Looking for a technically great dvd ? Then look further ! The image lacks detail and is often a bit blurry. It’s clear this is an old movie and Paramount hasn’t really upgraded the image quality to current standards. Also there are several scratches and damage to be seen on the film while the colors look pale.

The soundtrack isn’t worth much either. Subwoofer never really comes into action and overall everything sounds outdated and even a bit metallic eventhough the sound is supposed to be 5.1


Fortunately we didn’t have to check out any extras as that would have been a bit too much for my heart as this movie was utter crap. As with most movies that try to make a parody on other types of movies, the comedy is coming from slapstick humour and what may have been funny in the year of release (1976) is completely outdated these days. Leave this one alone, I beg you!

Our Score:

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